Command Line Interface

Testing Farm provides a CLI tool for easy interaction with Testing Farm.

Use cases

Currently, the CLI targets these main use cases:

  • submitting a test request

  • watch a request for completion

  • get a request completion report

  • easy integration with CI systems via small container image


First steps

For the CLI to work, make sure to export the TESTING_FARM_API_TOKEN in your environment. If you do not yet have a token, see onboarding.

Testing of the project is currently done via:

export TESTING_FARM_API_TOKEN=<your-token>

The token is specific only to a single ranch. If you want to use more ranches, you will need a token for each of them.

Testing Farm provides a sample tmt plan to try out the CLI tool. This plan runs a single test which by default prints out cat /etc/os-release.

  • 🌍 Public Ranch - run sanity test against Fedora Rawhide

    testing-farm request --compose Fedora-Rawhide --git-url --plan /testing-farm/sanity
  • 🎩 Red Hat Ranch

    testing-farm request --compose RHEL-9.2.0-Nightly --git-url --plan /testing-farm/sanity