Testing Farm Team Gathering 2022


August 1-5, 2022: Testing Farm Team got together in Brno, Czech Republic, for a week of joint work, meeting each other in person, and hanging out around the city.

Day 1

On the first day, we discussed the current status of all the work in progress, which included * tmt * image building * Artemis deployment with Terraform

All open issues and merge requests were discussed and updated.

Day 2

Ondrej and Miroslav created a very entertaining tour of Brno. For those new to the city, it was truly fascinating. Even for the local residents, there were some things to learn about. Of course, for everyone, delicious food and great fellowship.

Day 3

In the morning we spent time meeting with people from other teams involved with Testing Farm.

Then we took the time to discuss and review all the services that Testing Farm provides and learned a lot by hearing the history behind each service.

Artemis, BaseOS CI, and Testing Farm’s current architecture and plans for improvement were explored.

Day 4

How we can be more effective and best practices were discussed on day four.

It was decided to:

  • Use Jira Kanban

  • Have daily morning syncs where everyone shares what they are working on and if there are any blockers

  • Do monthly retrospectives

In the evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with members from (which teams?).

Day 5

We took a look at our long term goals and what we should accomplish in the rest of the year. It was decided that on boarding to AppSRE is a priority.

We also discussed how we can spread the responsibilities among the team better.

Other topics we discussed were:

  • visibility of errors, failures, and outages

  • dog fooding

  • meeting structure

  • metrics

  • component reduction

  • best practices, tips and tricks

tft gathering