Project Management

This page describes details for our project management.

Definition of Done

  • Issue created in Jira with a clear description.

  • Labels added to issue.

  • Release versions set on issue - both quarter scope and product release if relevant.

  • Work items completed.

  • Work products linked to Jira issue (eg: code change, released software, blog, research report).

  • Acceptance Criteria was met.

  • Work products reviewed by Testing Farm team and stakeholders.

  • Feedback from review implemented and all stakeholders satisfied.

Please see the Contribution Guide for details about tools, code, and style.

Jira Issues

Testing Farm is managed via Jira available at The instance is currently Red Hat only, we are talking about opening up the issues to the public.

All issues must use the following types:

  • Epic - for large features, consisting of multiple issues

  • Story - for new features and user stories

  • Bug - for bug fixes

  • Task - for other tasks

Using subtasks is optional. Subtasks should not set any labels or be in any releases. In case a subtask should be in release, convert it to a regular issue.

Acceptance Criteria

Following acceptance criteria is automatically added to all Jira issues:

(off) Feature or Bug Fix is implemented
(off) Deliverables reviewed
(off) Unit tests are created or updated
(off) Integration tests created or updated
(off) Deployed to all environments
(off) Configuration added/changed and cherry-picked to production
(off) Documentation written or updated
(off) Release notes updated

Acceptance criteria can be extended with a checklist of subtasks in case you do not want to use subtasks for this.

Following states are allowed for the acceptance criteria items:

(off) not started
(on) started
(/) done
(-) not applicable

Jira Labels

This is a list of agreed labels to be used with our issues.

Service related:

  • BaseOS-CI

  • TestingFarm

Workflow related:

  • ErrorBudget

  • Escalation

  • NeedsTriage

  • NewFeature

  • Release

Event related:

  • Gathering

  • DevConf

  • QECamp

General components:

  • Composes

  • Infrastructure

  • Monitoring

  • ProdSec

  • ProjectManagement

  • ReportPortal

  • tft-admin

  • tmt

  • STI

Testing Farm components:

  • API

  • Artemis

  • Artifacts

  • CLI

  • Oculus

  • Worker

  • PublicRanch

  • RedHatRanch

Gluetool related:

  • Gluetool

  • GuestSetup

BaseOS CI components:

  • Covscan

  • Restraint

  • IntegrationTests

  • wow


  • convert2rhel

  • FedoraCI

  • ImageBuilder

  • JavaQE

  • KernelQE


  • OSCI

  • Packit



  • SystemRoles

  • Upgrades

  • VirtQE

  • Zuul

Cloud related:

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Beaker

  • IBMCloud

  • Openstack

Extended issue type:

  • BestPractice

  • BreakingChange

  • Contribution

  • Cost

  • Demo

  • Documentation

  • Presentation

  • Regression

  • TechnicalDebt

  • Usability

  • UserRequest

Tickets we want to monitor in other jira projects than TFT:

  • TFT