Testing Farm release 2023-10.1

Testing Farm release 2023-10.1 is deployed 🎉.


  • tmt updated from 1.27.0 to 1.28.2.

  • Artemis upgraded from v0.0.63 to v0.0.65, see also release notes for v0.0.63, v0.0.64.

  • Testing Farm CLI tool updated to v0.0.14, please update your installation for the new features to work.


  • The initial version of the multihost testing is now available. The testing is opt-in and has some limitations. See our documentation for details. Our results viewer has been updated to properly display the test environments and results. Happy experimenting! (TFT-2165)

  • Request cancellation in Testing Farm is now possible. Use the DELETE method on a request or the testing-farm cancel CLI command to cancel a request easily. (TFT-1696)

  • The Staging API is now accessible via api.stage.testing-farm.io, offering a preview of our API reimplementation using the FastAPI framework. (TFT-2237)

  • The order of artifact installation can now be altered, addressing some corner cases when installing various builds simultaneously. (TFT-2172)


  • A bug that prevented the cleanup of resources during pipeline timeouts has been fixed. This was a RHIVOS blocker. (TFT-2312)

  • Repositories on Beaker boxes have been unified with standard testing images, such as rhel-CRB, etc. (TFT-2228)

  • An appropriate error message is now returned if a user tries to install a repository artifact that is too large. (TFT-2169)

  • The stability of Beaker provisioning for ppc64 has been improved. (TFT-2235)

  • Documented reserved directories used by Testing Farm in the test environment. (TFT-1473)

  • Non-printable characters are now properly XML-encoded in jUnit XML output. (TFT-2046)

  • The transition to sentry-python for error reporting on the Sentry platform from our workers is complete. (TFT-2227)


List of important packages bundled in the worker image.

❯ podman run --entrypoint rpm quay.io/testing-farm/worker:2023-10.1 -q tmt standard-test-roles ansible-core podman beakerlib | sort | uniq