Testing Farm release 2023-08.1

Testing Farm release 2023-08.1 is deployed 🎉.



  • Testing Farm reservations are officially available to all Testing Farm users. Reservations make it easy to reserve any machine with the same test environment setup as Testing Farm uses. We advise users to use this capability to debug their tests in the same test environment of our users like RHEL CI, Fedora CI and CentOS Stream CI. See documentation for more details.

  • Support for serial console log of the provisioned machines. See documentation for more details. (TFT-892)

  • Testing Farm now supports testing of VM images crated by Packit via ImageBuilder. (TFT-1980)

  • Support for tmt ReportPortal plugin. Users can now request reporting results to any ReportPortal instance. (testing-farm/worker!561)

  • Support skipping of artifacts installation via API. This should greatly improve stability of multiple sidetag builds in RHEL CI. (TFT-978)

  • Testing Farm worker is now based on Fedora, solving some long term incompatibility issues in Fedora when rpmbuild needs to be used to extract tests from rpm sources. (TFT-2121)

  • Support for RHEL-8.10.0 and RHEL-9.4.0. (TFT-2124)

  • Per user reliability and execution time dashboards are now possible for our users. (TFT-2138)

  • Testing Farm will be doing asynchronous updates of tmt to mitigate incompatibility issues.

  • Support for all provision.fmf from STI use cases are now covered. STI migration guide in tmt documentation covers the migration. (TFT-767)

  • Testing Farm will now refuse invalid composes in the API. Greatly reducing the risk of users passing invalid composes. (TFT-1723)

  • Test result notes are now correctly displayed in our results viewer. (TFT-1883)

  • A new xunit_url field was added in the request details. We will be dropping the xunit field in the next releases causing slow load times in our results viewer. (TFT-1907)

  • i686 packages of tested artifacts are now available for the tests to consume. (TFT-2001)

  • The API now supports test.tmt as a shortcut to test.fmf for the tmt tests specification. (TFT-2032)

  • Hardware requirements seen by Artemis are now shown in the pipeline.log. (TFT-2079)

  • Large plans are now collapsed in Oculus results viewer, improving load time for huge plans. (TFT-2140)


  • Beaker provisioner now provisions Server variant for RHEL6 and RHEL7. (TFT-2086)

  • In case a repository provides multiple packages, only the latest package is installed. (TFT-2102)

  • The repoquery command used during artifact installation is now run on Testing Farm worker instead in the testing environment making the installation more stable. (TFT-2109)

  • Correct provisioning with multiple network cards for ppc64le and s390x. (TFT-2199)

  • Installing of brew build on Rocky Linux and Alma Linux was fixed. (TFT-2231)

  • The tag repository for RHEL now includes modularity content. (TFT-2230)

  • Support for UEFI in AWS for RHEL7 and later. Users can now get UEFI booted machines outside of Beaker \o/. (TFT-741)

  • Tag repository is now correctly added for CentOS Stream builds. (TFT-2139)

  • Empty plans filtered out by plan-filter or test-filter are now skipped from scheduling. (TFT-1673)

  • Fix kickstart options can be now passed via the Testing Farm API. (TFT-2099)


List of important packages bundled in the worker image.

❯ podman run --entrypoint rpm quay.io/testing-farm/worker:2023-08.1 -q tmt standard-test-roles ansible-core podman beakerlib | sort | uniq