Command Line Interface

Testing Farm provides a CLI tool for easy interaction with Testing Farm.

Use cases

Currently, the CLI targets these main use cases:

  • submitting a test request

  • watch a request for completion

  • get a request completion report

  • easy integration with CI systems via small container image

  • reservation of a test environment


First steps

For the CLI to work, make sure to export the TESTING_FARM_API_TOKEN in your environment. If you do not yet have a token, see onboarding.

Testing of the project is currently done via:

export TESTING_FARM_API_TOKEN=<your-token>

The token is specific only to a single ranch. If you want to use more ranches, you will need a token for each of them.

Testing Farm provides a sample tmt plan to try out the CLI tool. This plan runs a single test which by default prints out cat /etc/os-release.

  • 🌍 Public Ranch - run sanity test against Fedora Rawhide

    testing-farm request --compose Fedora-Rawhide --git-url --plan /testing-farm/sanity
  • 🎩 Red Hat Ranch

    testing-farm request --compose RHEL-9.2.0-Nightly --git-url --plan /testing-farm/sanity

If your test is expected to take a long time, you should set the --timeout parameter so that your test is not terminated prematurely. The default is currently 12 hours. Try your tmt test locally first to get an idea of how long it will take - perhaps using time. The timeout is specified in minutes. For example:

testing-farm request --compose RHEL-9.2.0-Nightly --git-url --plan /tests/bigtest --timeout 360


Test Environment Reservation

The testing-farm reserve command allows you to reserve a system in the Testing Farm environment for testing purposes. This is particularly useful for debugging unexpected test failures.

The reservation in public requires the user to share with us his public IP. Refer to the Contacts section to contact us.

To reserve a system, use the following command:

testing-farm reserve --compose Fedora-Rawhide

By default, the CLI sets the reservation duration to 30 minutes. You can change this duration using the --duration MINUTES option. For example:

testing-farm reserve --compose Fedora-Rawhide --duration 60

Or by using the extend-reservation MINUTES command within the machine:

extend-reservation 60

The maximum reservation time is 12 hours (720 minutes)

SSH is used for accessing the reserved machine. The CLI will, by default, copy all public keys that match the pattern ~/.ssh/*.pub to the machine. You can specify a different public key using the --ssh-public-key PATH option. Globbing can be used to specify multiple keys. For instance:

testing-farm reserve --compose Fedora-Rawhide --ssh-public-key /path/to/my/keys/*.pub

For the container based installation, the option is unsupported.

Similar to the testing-farm request command, the reserve command provides various options to customize the testing environment. You can view all available options using the --help option:

testing-farm reserve --help

See Test Environment and Hardware Requirements pages to find more information.

If you need to return the machine early, execute the following command within the machine:


Request Cancellation

In some cases you want to prematurely cancel your request. Use the cancel command and provide the request ID or a string containing it.

$ testing-farm cancel 9baab88b-aca6-4652-ad93-8d954e109a25
$ testing-farm cancel
$ testing-farm cancel