RFD1 - Request for Discussion Process

Status: ✅ implemented

In our continued efforts to cultivate a collaborative and transparent work environment, I’m excited to introduce a new process called "Request for Discussion" (RFD). This initiative aims to streamline how we bring up and address important topics, ensuring that everyone has a platform to voice their insights and concerns.

What is a Request for Discussion (RFD)?

An RFD is a structured way to propose, discuss, and make decisions on key issues or ideas. Whether it’s a new project idea, a policy change, or an innovative solution to a challenge we’re facing, the RFD process provides a clear avenue for open dialogue. The process is optional, use it when you need.

Why are we implementing the RFD process?

To ensure everyone’s voice is heard and to foster a culture of teamwork. By having open discussions, we keep the entire team informed about what’s going on, minimizing any surprises. Having a formal process prevents important topics from getting lost in the shuffle of daily tasks.

How does the RFD process work?


Anyone from the team can submit a merge request describing a new RFD, outlining the topic they want to discuss, its importance, and any initial thoughts or solutions they may have.

All RFDs have to have a number, and they should be opened against the https://gitlab.com/testing-farm/general project.

The RFDs are stored in the directory named rfd.

The name of the RFD file should be with lowercase letters and should match the following template: rfd<number>-the-name-of-rfd.

The title of the RFD should be = RFD<number> - Concise short title, which is used to generate the navigation entry in the Documentation.

In the beginning of the RFD an implementation status indicator must be placed, so the reader can understand if the RFD was implemented. The indicator will be in bold, and will have three possible forms:

Status: 💡 planned - The initial status, indicating the RFD is agreed upon and planned for implementation.

Status: ⏳️ in progress - Indicates that the RFD’s implementation is underway.

Status: ✅ implemented - Signifies that the RFD’s implementation has been completed.

The words planned, in progress and implemented can be links to Jira issues or epics for tracking purposes.


Once submitted, the RFD will be made available to the entire team. Team members can provide feedback, ask questions, or offer alternative viewpoints. The RFD is considered as reviewed if more than a half team accepts the proposal.


We will allocate time in our meetings to discuss active RFDs. This ensures that the matter gets the attention and brainstorming it merits.


After thorough discussion, we’ll decide on the best course of action—whether that’s implementing a proposed solution, seeking more information, tabling the topic for a later date, or dropping the idea. The RFD is considered aceepted once it is merged into the repository.


In case there are changes needed to an existing RFD document, submit a new MR with the proposed changes and drive it through the same review process.


RFDs will automatically be part of our main Testing Farm documentation, under RFDs section. This way you can easily link to the RFDs from whereever you need.