Testing Farm release 2024-01.1

Testing Farm release 2024-01.1 is deployed 🎉.

💔 Breaking Changes

We have enhanced the security of our endpoints. As a result, restarting requests that you do not own is no longer possible. Please inform us if this change causes any issues for you.

Test environment variable TESTING_FARM_USERNAME has been temporarily removed from the testing environment. We believe it is not in use; however, if you are utilizing it, we will restore it as outlined in TFT-2433

🚀 Upgrades

Testing Farm CLI tool updated from v0.0.15 to v0.0.16, please update your installation.

🎯 Highlights

Authorization of API endpoints has been re-implemented using casbin framework. (TFT-2275)

RHEL-7.9-Nightly compose has been added to Testing Farm and will be updated weekly. It targets the latest nightly updated composes. (TFT-2390)

The i686 packages are now available alongside x86_64 in the tag repository. (TFT-2090)

Testing Farm CLI has been updated to support the use of the install: false flag for artifacts. (TFT-2322)

🐞 Bugfixes

A regression in our Results Viewer that caused all errors to be hidden when some of the plans ended in an error state has been fixed. (TFT-2409)

Resolved the issue of a blank page appearing in certain cases in our Results Viewer. (TFT-2414)

Tmt environment variables are no longer hidden as secrets when they are not sensitive. (TFT-2416)

Corrected the rhel-extras.repo to accurately point to RHEL-7.9-Nightly instead of the rel-eng compose. (TFT-2410)

📦️ Packages

List of important packages bundled in the worker image.

❯ podman run --entrypoint rpm quay.io/testing-farm/worker:2024-01.1 -q tmt standard-test-roles ansible-core podman beakerlib | sort | uniq

🔎 Stats

Testing Farm is on track to surpass 950k requests per year \o/.

Error rate in January was approximately 1.79%.

Around 76k testing requests were recorded in January.