Testing Farm release 2024-01.2

Testing Farm release 2024-01.2 is deployed 🎉.

🚀 Upgrades

🎯 Highlights

Fedora 40 is now supported on Testing Farm. Fedora-latest points to Fedora 39.

The Console log is now archived during test execution. The link to the log is not available yet in the results viewer. To access it, copy the link to the workdir from the pipeline.log. In the next release we will provide an easier way to access the log. (TFT-2289)

🐞 Bugfixes

Fix an issue when using variables in tmt’s `discover step where test environment varilables were not correctly expanded when used. (TFT-2192)

Rsync is now using timeout to mitigate some corner cases with archiving. This should improve the stability of the archiving. (TFT-2192)

📦️ Packages

List of important packages bundled in the worker image.

❯ podman run --entrypoint rpm quay.io/testing-farm/worker:2024-01.2 -q tmt standard-test-roles ansible-core podman beakerlib | sort | uniq