Testing Farm release 2023-11.1

Testing Farm release 2023-11.1 is deployed 🎉.


  • Artemis upgraded from v0.0.64 to v0.0.66, see also release notes for v0.0.65.

  • Testing Farm CLI tool updated from v0.0.14 to v0.0.15, please update your installation for the new features to work.


  • Test checks from tmt are now properly displayed in Testing Farm results. (TFT-1666)

  • Provisioning retries can be disabled and provisioning errors can be treated as test failures. (TFT-2202)

  • It is now possible to set a backlink to user’s CI system or service via the API. (TFT-1452)

  • Testing Farm now supports Red Hat CoreOS images. (TFT-1697)

  • Debug and event logs from Flasher, used to provision RHIVOS devices, are now exposed in the test runs. (TFT-2247)

  • The CLI tool now supports printing only request ID in its reserve command. (TFT-2249)

  • Polarion and ReportPortal integration is now documented in Testing Farm docs. (TFT-2263)

  • The skip test result outcome is now supported. (TFT-2282)


  • RHEL repositories in Beaker provisioned machines now use rhel- prefix. (TFT-2098)

  • The tmt-reboot command now works during Testing Farm reservations. (TFT-2217)

  • Kernel parameters can be now passed via Testing Farm API. (TFT-2376)

  • Testing Farm sets tmt context during plan export. (TFT-2383)

  • Console logs are now enabled in Public ranch. (TFT-2378)


We would like to thank the following external contributors for contributing to Testing Farm.

  • Ed Santiago - for contributing to our CLI tool


List of important packages bundled in the worker image.

❯ podman run --entrypoint rpm quay.io/testing-farm/worker:2023-11.1 -q tmt standard-test-roles ansible-core podman beakerlib | sort | uniq